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By | December 30, 2016

Transparency has been the best part of Luarpages web host. All other companies promise to provide the best lowered pricing with some sort of hidden charges but with Lunarpages things changed they only price as you see on their website. This has been true in most of the subscribers until today. Let us take a look at their plans and offers.


They have Shared, Dedicated, and VPS cloud hosting.

Shared Hosting

List of shared hosting plans are

Starter Hosting: Plan starts with $3.95 per month Bandwidth provided monthly is 50GB with 5GB SDD on server

Basic Hosting: Plan starts at $4.95 per month with unlimited bandwidth and storage as well.

Windows Hosting: Starts at $ 9.95per month with no limit on both bandwidth and storage.

Business Premium Hosting: Starts at $24.95 per month with 200GB Bandwidth and 20GB SSD on the server.

Business Advantage Hosting:  Starts at $44.94 per month with 400GB Bandwidth and 40GB SSD on the server.

Business Enterprise Hosting: Starts at $64.95 per month with unlimited bandwidth and space on the server.

Lunarpages has been well established over the years since 2003. They provide unlimited offers on almost every plan in their Shared hosting.


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Dedicated Webhosting:

Lunarpages provide dedicated hosting for both Linux and Windows operating system

Scalable Cloud Hosting:

Scalable Cloud Hosting plan allows all customers to manage their resources so that you pay only for what used. Some websites may not need all the resources available in the pre-defined plan, like choosing Processors, RAM configuration, bandwidth and SSD on their server. The customer can manually change their configuration to the server pricing applicable.

Standard hosting plan on Scalable Cloud Hosting includes 2 Cores CPU, 50GB of SSD Enhanced storage, 2GB RAM, 1000GB Bandwidth, one IP Address, a free domain and added to it they provide multiple servers for any downtime on the website or any failure.

Prices scale RAM can be extended up to 12 GB $0.60 per GB this price for one day

CPU core can be increased up to 8 cores, $0.30 per core price for one day

SSD space can be increased $0.03 per GB for one day

Bandwidth 0.35 for one GB

Lunarpages Review


Started back in 1998, this is one of the oldest web hosting company still providing the best customer service and support to customers. The performance has been consistent and they do know what they are doing. Lunarpages provide

Your website is pretty much safe and they perform regular updates on the server because any outdated system and its application software can be a threat if it’s not updated Lunarpages promise to provide frequent updates on the server to ensure the customer is regularly facing no problems with server whatsoever.

They perform consistent and day wise audits, Lunarpages perform regular analysis and checks on a server like cross verifying each every single aspect that might be causing a potential threat to the customer.

Hackers consistently scan your network for any vulnerabilities on the system to compromise it yet Lunarpages have been consistent proving the best security measures which you like.

Lunarpages Coupons

Some of the Lunarpages plans come with a free domain name registration. (that needs to be claimed within 30 days before the deadline)

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