Inmotion Web Hosting – Expert Reviews and Coupon Codes

By | January 13, 2017

There is no such thing as perfect web hosts, your website design, and compatibility factor does matter when hosting with any web hosts in the industry. Inmotion web hosts have been most compatible and reliable. It follows almost all the web hosts criteria same as any other best web hosts around the world.


There are shared hosting plans with Inmotion as per the pricing and feature provided. Business hosting, VPS hosting, Dedicated servers, reseller hosting and WordPress hosting.

Shared Business hosting:

This hosting will help to best host your business website or blogs. Three plans in Shared Business hosting Launch plan, Power plan, and Pro plan.

Launch Plan: This plan is very much suitable for bloggers and basic websites. Pricing at $2.95 per month, this cost is as per till date 12-16-2016 as 57% off.

Power Plan: This plan will be suitable for starter business website and bloggers as well.  Pricing at $4.49 per month, the cost is as per the promotional offer of 50% off at 12-16-2016.

Pro Plan: Pro plan is very much suitable for larger business sites and high-end clients with huge business opportunity.

All these plans can have pre-installed WordPress, Joomla or Presta shop to get started as faster as possible. 24×7 no outsourced customer support, they have the best expert to resolve any issue of their customers. They include unlimited email and storage space on them.

VPS Hosting:

It includes three plans namely VPS-1000HA-S, VPS-2000HA-S, and VPS-3000HA-S.

VPS-1000HA-S:  There is a promotional offer as 33% off so the pricing went down to $29.99 per month, they provide 4GB RAM, 75GB SSD, Bandwidth of 4TB and almost 3 IP address.

VPS-2000HA-S: With the promo code the pricing of this plan is $49.99 per month, they provide 6GB RAM, 150GB SSD, 5TB Bandwidth and 4 IP addresses.

VPS-3000HA-S: Pricing is at $74.99 per month it is as per the promotional offer at 51% off, they provide 8GB RAM, 260GB SSB, 6TB Bandwidth and 5 IP addresses.

Addition to pricing and plans they also provide Powerful features like,

Free Server Management which includes your operating system patches and updates, website tool management updates and more

High Availability, everyday backup, and redundancy for your website is the best thing for your website crash and restorations.

SSD management, Inmotion promise to provide the best SSD which are 2x faster than the regular one.

Free cPanel Licensing, 90 days money back Guarantee.

Dedicated server

Dedicated server packages provide up to 47% off on their three dedicated plans Essential, Advanced, and Elite.

Reseller Hosting:

Inmotion is providing free website migration provided limited time offer on it.

Up to 50% off on the plans, they provide R-1000S, R-2000S, and R-3000S

WordPress hosting:

They promise to provide the best WordPress support, Inmotion has the best WordPress experts to help you out on hosting your WP website on their servers.

Three plans in WordPress hosting Launch, power, and pro.

Inmotion Review

          Inmotion is an independent well known biggest web host around the planet. Started back in 2001, since then have been most consistent. Customer service has been more reliable with the minimum wait time, the support team can be reached by Chat, Phone, and even Skype.

Inmotion Coupons:

          Inmotion provides most of the coupons on almost all the shared and business plans.

They provide free migration of your website and it’s for limited time offer. Get up to 30 account transfers on cPanel accounts.

Get up to 50% off on all reseller plans

Get up to 57% off on all Business hosting plans

Up to 51% off VPS hosting


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