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By | January 1, 2017

Arvixe is a web host with maximum security measures added to your website. It has 60 days money back guarantee. They provide Shared, VPS, and dedicated plans. On shared servers, your server will be shared by many customers. Whereas on dedicated you will be getting a dedicated server. Also, you will get root access on VPS. You can make any changes you want, you can install any applications. You will not have any restrictions. Shared Hosting includes our Business Class, personal class, reseller class.

There is no such thing as perfect in Hosting, it always depends on or your website design and goals on it.

On VPS you will be getting 2 IP addresses. Also, you will get 50 GB dedicated disk space.

If you want additional space you can get it. Extra Space – 15 GB

Also, for every single hosting, you can either transfer one domain or register one domain for free (lifetime).


Arvixe does have outsourced customer support, so the issues might take a bit longer than expected. But they promise to resolve the issue in time.

Every host has some bad reviews given the nature of review sites. We would advise people to look at their overall balance of ratings. However, Arvixe is a pretty poor host, were the other options we have given you not been suitable?

They were taken over by EIG which has caused some issues.

Arvixe Hosting 

Personal Class: This hosting can be done in two operating system Windows and Linux. The personal class has two plans Personal class and Personal class pro is same for both Windows and Linux platform. Personal class plan pricing is about $4 per month and Personal class pro plan pricing is at $7 per month

Business Class: This hosting also supported for both Windows and Linux platform. Business class has two plans Business class and Business class pro. Business class pricing is at $22 per month and Business class pro is at $35 per month.

Reseller class: Reseller class also supports both Windows and Linux operating systems. Reseller class has two plans Reseller class and Reseller class pro. Reseller class pricing starts at $20 per month and Reseller class pro pricing is at $50 per month.

VPS class: it supports two operating systems Windows and Linux. Basic pricing starts at $40 per month for VPA class, VPS class pro starts at $70 per month. Pricing can be debatable but there are more chances to get all the promotional pricing as per your website hosting contract with Arvixe.

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Arvixe Review

Arvixe has been more consistent all these years but after taken over EIG which has caused some issues as far as customer services are the concern. But let’s hope Arvixe will be able to manage to get on top again.

Background Arvixe experts are working hard and making sure it’s no easy task to deal with and make is work every now and then. Please be assured it will take his best part to come over all the odds in today’s online market.

Arvixe provides the WordPress hosting better than any web hosts around the world, the security measures on every plan has been exceptional as well. There are add-ons like Priority Support and SSL certification is also available as per the requirements for your website.

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